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Entities – The Needy and the Greedy

What exactly is an “entity?” I define entities as energetic conglomerations vibrating at a level of negativity not optimal for human functionality. I also refer to them as critters, creepy crawlies, goobers, disincarnate spirits, cutie-pies and invisible enemies. They can range from almost harmless to deadly. Some are simply misplaced or lost and are grateful to be sent home. Others have an agenda of negativity that requires more skill to remove. In the world of healing, ceremony and light work it is essential that you be well versed and prepared for these energies. My colleague, Kelly Rose Zuvuya, puts is beautifully:

An entity appears to need a physical body to fulfill a sense of safety. Since its consciousness exists in separation from the Divine, its energy is of extreme terror and believes that inhabiting (and sometimes controlling) a human body is its only option for survival. As healers we give the entity another option: to find safety in its reunion with the unconditional love of the Divine Source from which we came and to return to the light of its infinite existence.

While the idea of being possessed or inhabited with an entity is scary, in truth we need to keep in mind Kelly Rose’s words. This helps raise the vibration to a level of love, supporting its reunion with the Divine Source, its journey back home. If you go into anger or separation yourself as the healer, you will probably its next home. Sometimes energies do not want to go to the Divine Source, but they will go back to the dimension from which they came.

I’ve found this issue of entities to be complex. It is easy to place too much emphasis on them and say, “My entity made me do it.” It is also easy to dismiss them entirely with the idea that you wont be affected. Just stay in the vibration of love and you will not attract them. Well, this is true, but how many of us are vibrating at the level of love at all time? If you are a human being, there should be very few if any! You may be unaware of a wounding that can attract these astral energies. It is much better to be educated, than to use denial as a form of protection


Entities need energy to survive on the lower astral planes and human beings are a great source of denser energy, keeping them as grounded and embodied as possible. Since they have consciousness, they also have purpose and look for bodies to express that purpose. They are able to attach to them through holes in the auric field as well as vibrational resonance. Vibrational resonance means that there is an aspect of your conscious that is in alignment with the entity’s consciousness. Through the Law of Attraction, the entity can attach to you. So if you are vibrating a lot of fear or anger, you will be more vulnerable because this is generally what feeds them. They also love the light, if they secretly long to go home, but it is harder to attach because the vibration is too quick for them. However if you have a lot of light, and you also have significant woundings vibrating at a lower rate, you are a main course and desert. For those who are open psychically, or people who are using drugs and/or are or have been exposed to abuse, you are particularly vulnerable because your field could have this configuration, as well as have many holes. Channeling and healing is less like a few holes and more like an open door, so you want to make sure you a good peek hole, or someone you trust to answer the doorbell. Entities can travel through lifetimes with you, so it’s a good idea to get checked at least once a lifetime.

How can you tell when you have been infiltrated? Sometimes that is tricky, and it is only over time that you are able to distinguish the change. Common symptoms are:

o Unexplained, persistent anger

o Trouble sleeping

o Nightmares

o Illness that does not get better

o Persistent fatigue

o Migraines

o Feelings of “not being yourself”

o Loss of motivation for your life goals- feeling like, “What’s the point?”

o Hearing voices, or seeing a recurring image of the energy

If you know someone who seems to be acting differently, not like themselves, more negative and you can no longer connect with them, it may be that they have been taken over by an entity. This is different from a walk in. A walk in is an agreement between two souls for the evolution of those two souls. Entity attachment, while it may serve your growth process, is not a “formal” agreement, but an unconscious agreement that can be easily reversed through healing, working your process and extraction.

Gossiping, back-stabbing, negatively projecting and victimizing are forms of psychic attack. You are sending energy conglomerations of attack to another, and you are also vibrating at a high level of negativity, harming yourself. Genuinely processing your anger, pain and shadow pieces with the intention of healing is not psychic attack. However it is important to do it in a safe container of healing, preferably with someone who is trained in supporting that process.

There are a few vulnerable areas for attachment worth mentioning. Especially susceptible areas are the second and third chakras and the back of your neck. One time, I accidentally took on an entity from a client after he had processed a great deal of anger. I was very tired with a sinus infection that day and hadn’t had enough time to properly set up protection for the room, nor was I looking for an entity. I’m sure my auric field was full of openings and it just jumped in, having nowhere else to go, when he unexpectedly released it. I experienced the entity entering my field as chills that ran through my body. These were not the fun, high vibrating chills, but the slower, lower ones- although they didn’t feel bad. It can be difficult to distinguish the difference, but there is one. I thought to myself, “Ooops.”

Over the next several days I became weaker and weaker. My anger levels began rising. Before I would fall asleep I could clearly see the image of the energy, which was an old wizard like being who was very angry at humanity. Sleep was restless and unsatisfying. By the time I got to my healer’s table, I was practically crawling I was so tired. This invisible enemy was literally sucking the life out of my third chakra, and would have inevitably led to a chronic fatigue illness. There was very little, if any vibrational resonance, and my healer effortlessly sent him home…away from humanity, and I instantly began to feel better.

Entities can also attach into your nervous system through your spine, and linger there for years, activating themselves much like a virus when you are weak, or vibrating at their level. This is a real energy drain and creates anxiety. I always check the spine of a client to make sure he or she is all clear.

I have also found a lot of astral beings residing in the heart. Many times these little goobers are unconsciously called in to protect a broken heart and will only leave if they are assured that the person will be cared for properly. They have strong sense of purpose and, taking their job seriously and mean no harm, but they are not vibrating at a level of love, they are vibrating with fear. For optimal growth, these beings must be removed so the healing process can begin. If they won’t budge, it means the client must do some deeper healing work to be ready to let go of the protection.

Many well-known celebrities contract entities. Those who have been exposed to personal trauma, abuse and drugs, while having millions of people psychically attack them on a daily basis don’t really have a fighting chance. You can see that they are no longer themselves, massive soul pieces have left them and they are headed on a road to destruction with no sense of self to fall back on. Removing the critters wouldn’t be the only thing necessary to mend those wounds, but it would be a great start.


As with any type of affliction, prevention is the best medicine. Empowered love is your strongest tool. Developing your wisdom at the same rate as your ability to hold unconditional love gives you the sophistication you need to open to multiple dimensions. Your wisdom is your road map; your love is your adventurer.

The most important concepts to remember when you are opening up to energy from other dimensions are love, intentionality, sacred space and structural protection. The calling in of the four directions is a process of creating a strong, spiritual structure and boundary, supported by the forces of nature for you to surrender and relax into. This allows safety in the opening. I was lazy about this in the beginning of my practice. I had to learn the importance of maintaining the highest vibration and structure in my healing space the hard way, by getting bitten a few times. Placing sacred geometrical structures, built from a foundation of love, such as the octahedron, around you and the room is a great way to use structure. My healing room is “gridded” with sacred geometry on every surface. I’m not talking about building these structures physically, although you can, I am talking about creating them in spiritual space with your intention and your love. Taking the time to properly open and close spiritual space, to cleanse your environment with time tested techniques like smudging with sage or toning and having an ongoing spiritual practice are your best preventative strategies.

Taking this concept further, it is most important to keep your physical body vibrant, strong and healthy. Remember, you have more power in the physical dimension than any disincarnate spirit or negative energy. The more authentic power you feel within your physical structure, the more it will not house anything else but you. Exercise that works with your nervous system and spirit like yoga, martial arts and other Eastern-based systems are best. The body has wisdom. Its DNA codes are meant to be with your soul, your energy, and if you take care of it properly, your soul and body will have a mutually exclusive relationship. Monogamy takes work, but its rewards are a solid unit of safety, structure, flow and purpose. Now, you can have friends over, like high-level guides, but by invitation only! You can recognize these beings by their high vibration of love, wise guidance, and commitment to your highest growth. They respect your boundaries and want the best for you. If these principles are not reflected in your human relationships, chances are they are not reflected in your spiritual relationships either.


There are many who will disagree with my opinions on this subject, but I’m OK with that. My experience with drugs and alcohol is limited and in the past, mostly because I was so open in those days that it took very little to be astral food for night critters and the dearly departed. My third eye opened wide from the drugs and unsupervised psychic exploration and I was able to see everything. I could hear voices in my ear-calling my name- much like a radio dial switching stations when I was falling asleep. It was unpleasant. I was too afraid to go to horror movies, much less have to see and hear them in real life, so I took up yoga instead. I can always tell when a client has been using drugs because I have to do so much more repair work and clearing in the auric field and there are always entities. Kuthumi, channeled through Michelle Ellof from the states:

“Many have said using mind altering drugs, when you know what you are doing, is safe. No it’s not, especially if there are still traumas locked in your body. If you still have deep wounds, you are running the risk of opening yourself up to something that you may not know how to deal with… even if there are facilitators holding you in the space. You open yourself to the astral world where things exist that you cannot even comprehend. The reason they exist is because humanity has brought it into existence through negativity and fear, and each of them build upon themselves. So, being in an environment where there is a lot of alcohol consumption and drug abuse, means not only are you partying with your friends but with a couple of invisible buddies too! And who’s to say what’s on their menu?!”

Ceremonial medicine, in my opinion, has great value in spiritual growth, but it does attract and use entities as part of that process. I think it is harder to integrate these experiences in the modern world, but it’s really an individual choice. I have seen some of the largest and most powerful entities attached to those who do these ceremonies and then quickly return to modern life. I would advise setting aside a lot of time afterwards to integrate in nature first.


While it is possible to remove entities yourself, it requires some training, confidence and skill. Sometimes it’s best to have a professional do it. There are many ways to remove entities, but they all follow the same principles.

Simply put, after putting up all your protection and getting into a space of love, you tap into the vibration of the attached entity by finding the wounded place/distorted belief that the person holds. The healer goes into an altered space and meets the entity, many times dialoguing with respect to that being’s purpose and free will. The removal most often becomes a voluntary process as you offer it a better option. After the entity is extracted, it is sent back home or to the light, usually assisted by guides and angels. Archangel Michael is a good bet. The person must then continue their healing process and bring more of their own energy into their system so they no longer carry the vibration that attracted that entity. Many times as soon as the entity is released the person automatically refills his or herself and heals. The energy is really ready to leave because the belief had probably already been shifting.

Indigenous healers most often use the help of extraction crystals or other physical objects. As Kelly Rose Zuvuya mentioned, the entity feels safe within a physical body, so placing the energy inside of an object can be an easier and safer transition into wherever it needs to go. Sometimes they don’t want to go to the Divine, they would rather go back to their world, and back to their families. Soul retrieval is an excellent way to find the wounded place and bring in the clients energy.

In the case of my client who “passed the angry entity” to me, there was no extraction, the entity just jumped bodies, but the healing principles were the same. He faced his rage, came into his power, shifted his vibration, then released an entity just by that process, and a life long feeling of overpowering rage left him. He still gets angry from time to time, but it’s a healthy, manageable level. Situations like these are hazards of the job for a healer, but 99 percent of the time they are easily preventable. I shouldn’t have done the healing from an exhausted, sick place. Lesson learned.

Sometimes disincarnate souls are not attached to a person, but a property. One time I was doing a space clearing, and the soul of the previous owner was still attached to the property. She had killed herself and was lingering, filled with guilt. When I connected into her, she didn’t feel she deserved to be with God, that she had betrayed Him (these were her words.) Through the process of Theta Healing, I was able to download to her the feeling of being forgiven by God, of being loved by God, and of being wanted by God. Once this process unfolded, her vibration shifted, she thanked me and left as fast as she could.

While I wont go into possession, curses and black magic in this article, they follow the same principles, requiring more skill and energy to remove.


With all this exposure to entities, I think what I am left with is a deeper appreciation for the human body. It’s in high demand! It is a powerful partner in life and deserves to be taken care of properly. When my body is attended to and strong, my boundaries are clear and nobody messes with me. I also am touched by the sincerity of many of these energies, their longing to be with God is the same as my own, and their willingness to receive help surpasses most humans. The goal of healing is not to remove an entity, but to further experience our divine, infinite selves. To me, offering an entity the chance to go home, is the same as offering an unhealed, separated aspect of our consciousness the opportunity to go home, to return to our Divine Source, the Infinite Center.

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