When You Touch Me I Become A Hero The Best Way to Become His Dream Lover!

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The Best Way to Become His Dream Lover!

This is what I believe about men: I believe that all men want nothing more than to be good providers. I think each of them wants the ability to provide their partner with things like safety, financial security, loyalty, patience, kindness, understanding and great sex.

Yes, there are men who do not believe in their power to provide. (You see more men like this today than ever before.) This lack of self-confidence leads to many acting controlling, jealous, arrogant, lazy, avoidant, childish, selfish, etc. However, these men and their issues are a different article.

The point I’m making here is this: If you act like a woman who truly and deeply appreciates a confident man’s gifts of love (his affection, luxuries like jewelry, chores around the house to lighten your load, etc.) he’ll feel better about himself as a man. And start feeling good and wanting to keep breaking his back for the gratitude that boosts your confidence.

And gender is no exception.

So, the best way to become a man’s dream lover? Stop trying to please him and let him please, satisfy, delight, excite and ignite his sexual gifts!

Sure, a guy won’t turn down a quality fellatio, but believe it or not, how you turn on during sex makes or breaks it for him. And this is especially true if he wants to be in a relationship with you.

Think of yourself as a mirror, reflecting back to him how great he is in bed. The more you genuinely enjoy his touches, kisses, nibbles and thrusts, the more he thinks he’s a lover. And the better lover he thinks he is—you’ve got it!—the better lover he thinks you are!

Sounds pretty easy, right? “I just relax, focus on really satisfying my sexual needs and getting pleasure, and he stays happy as a clam? It can’t be that hard!”

In fact, it can be very difficult. This goes against everything most of us women have been taught, and it’s really hard to do in the wrong situation!

Most of us have been taught to be proper women. We’ve been taught not to talk about sex like it’s something slow and juicy and dirty and musky and wild and sweaty and slippery. Even reading those adjectives on this page might make you blush or cringe. “Slimy and juicy? That’s kind of yucky.” Well, guess what? Your body doesn’t feel like it.

A few years ago, before I made relationship advice a career, I talked to some sexually shy women. My ex-husband was from a religious family and culture and most of his female cousins ​​and friends were shy about sex. They wanted to please their husbands in the bedroom and they wanted to enjoy sex, but they didn’t know how to relax enough, feel comfortable enough, and feel allowed enough to fully express their pleasure.

They were so concerned about the happiness of man that they never thought of themselves. When I told them that a man’s happiness was wrapped up in theirs, they were overwhelmed and worried that there was not enough joy in their man’s eyes.

So, if you’re embarrassed and ashamed of your sexuality, allow me right now to stop worrying about not being shy and actually looking happy. Many men can tell the difference between you broadcasting and being genuinely excited.

Say to yourself, “Christina allows me to be a free girl in the bedroom. She allows me to invest myself in the bedroom, because that’s what he really wants. She allows me to let my wildest fantasies play out on the playground. Whenever I want. She says it’s not a sin to be a sexual woman, so my body is free from sexual shame.”

Also, it can be very difficult to fully enjoy sex with someone you don’t know very well. When you have sex with someone you don’t feel emotionally safe with, your body is less likely to surrender to that person’s touch and sex. You are performing instead of experiencing!

A good test to know if your body feels safe with someone is to consider whether or not to leave that person alone in your house when you’re not around. If you can’t trust the man on your television set, why trust yourself alone with your beautiful, precious, naked body in your bedroom?

Look, I’m not against casual sex, but just remember that you want a healthy mind and body that’s attracted to (and completely surrender to) security and love, not ambiguity and anatomy.

Here are some suggestions to help you feel more sexual and in your body, and to truly crave, love, need and enjoy your man’s sex:

Don’t beat yourself up about the way you’ve behaved sexually with men in the past. You are still alive and your heart is still beating with the love of giving! Don’t let memory rob you of your spirit and desire to experience sexual pleasure. Forget the drunken nights in the backseat of that strange man’s car, because we all have those memories, and start thinking about what kind of relationship you want now and in the future.

Stop reading articles on how to give mind-blowing oral sex.How are you going to focus on your happiness if you’re busy figuring out how to move one arm from side to side, the other to the other, and how to move your mouth up and down, all at the same time? His penis is not a shake weight. He wants you to enjoy what you are doing, not to stress.

Surrender to your man’s non-sexual affection as often as possible. I often use the image of butter on a hot metal spoon, where you are the butter and its touch is the spoon. Dissolved in his tenderness. Make a conscious effort to relax your muscles when he touches you and start outside the bedroom. Allow yourself to look into his eyes and quietly say to him, “This feels like heaven, beautiful man.” Or say it out loud.

Let him undress you in bed. With each item of clothing he removes, surrender to his touch, an aspect of your vulnerability.

Don’t bother wearing tight, itchy underwear For the one who makes you feel anything but sensual. Whatever you wear, you’ll feel deliciously fleshy and sensual.

Face and overcome insecurities, childhood traumas and irrational fearsYou are surrounded by sex. Seek the help of a professional if necessary. My therapist was and is a lifesaver.

Face and release any anger and resentment towards your man. Emotional issues creep into the bedroom quickly, and if you’re mad at him, you won’t surrender to his love.

Try not to fill awkward or silent moments during lovemaking, as much as possibleJump to please him or try to prove to him that you are an amazing lover who is ready for many positions and can move with incredible speed. try to do Nothing In those moments and until your body lets you know what it wants next, just surrender to the awkwardness.

Keep yourself open to receiving His gifts of passion. If he wants to give you long wet kisses, don’t rush him or refuse them. Let him lead the way and ask yourself if you like kisses. so, Surrender for them. If not, guide him to the pleasure you want, such as gently taking his hand and placing it against your chest.

Try really hard not to see yourself. Give your body and voice free range to move, shake, scream and laugh as you wish. The best way to do this is to focus on one thing he is doing and let yourself bleed into that sensation. If he is inside you, focus on the walls of your vagina and how good they feel against them. It will take your mind off how you look and feel.

Don’t be afraid to encourage him by telling him what a great job he’s doing:Say, “You feel so good inside me” or “How wet do you think you make me?” But be sure to mean what you say. Don’t tell them when you are really hurt, upset, stressed and anxious.

If a position or its pace makes you feel numb, nervous, or upset, slow your breathing and tell it you want to change or stop it.I allow you to rest for a while during lovemaking or to stop completely if you feel physically uncomfortable or emotionally overwhelmed.

Allow yourself to be seen as a person, not just for use as a body. Remember the movie the bride? At the beginning of the movie he was moving around in different positions and she was pathetic and disconnected from him, remember that sex? Do not allow this. You deserve connection – and so does he, so connect with his eyes and let him see that you’re grateful for his sexual gifts.

Surrender to trying to please him by IMAGING: He’s your sex hero, the man of your dreams who wants nothing more than to hold your feelings and take care of your sexual needs. He is your willing and eager sex servant, your protector who longs to inhabit your soft, luscious body…

Tell yourself it’s time for your passion!He has time for you and loves to work you up to climax.

Enjoy yourself when you are alone.If you feel embarrassed about masturbating, write in your diary (if you don’t have a love diary, I suggest you get one and start writing in it) about why you feel that way and then at the end of the diary entry. , write yourself a little mantra that allows you to let go of shame and enjoy self-indulgence. If you are not ashamed to masturbate and can reach orgasm so quickly compared to a man, ask yourself how you can feel comfortable and vulnerable enough to enjoy pleasurable sex.

If you’re giving him oral sex (if he wants it and you’re ready for it, please don’t refuse), think about how you can pleasure yourself while you’re giving him pleasure. Think of his penis as your personal pleasure wand. Let your every lick turn you on, imagining that you are lubricating and preparing your precious pleasure wand for the pleasure of your vagina. Trust me, he won’t complain about playing with your precious joy.

Men want you to have a good time in bed. This greatly increases their power to provide and it allows them to let go and not worry about you. If they know you’re enjoying yourself and feel safe and can talk when you’re not, it also frees them up to have fun. This also makes you a dream lover in their eyes.

In every other part of the relationship, I ask women to be selfless in setting boundaries and communicating their needs. In the bedroom, I give you full allowance to be selfish. He wants your selfish sex! “Oh my! It feels amazing. Keep doing it. Never stop!” “Let’s go out and buy you diamonds, baby!”

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