How To Reduce Noise When Living On A Busy Street Music Therapy: A Peaceful Revolution

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Music Therapy: A Peaceful Revolution

If you play your music too loud in Rochester, NY you will get in trouble with the law

York. Anyone found in excessive violation of local and state noise ordinances

Loud “boom boxes,” stereos, motorcycles, automobiles, or loud parties


New York City has also begun to oppose noise bombardment. His department

Environmental Protection Quality Life Hotline. 70% of calls received

A voice of concern. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has established a council

Environment. is a citywide group (with a somewhat unfortunate acronym)

It’s called Friends Against Noisy New York. It was celebrated on 25th April

International Sound Awareness Day. The mayor also established Operation Silent

A city-wide quality of life initiative to combat loud and excessive noise at night, New

City of York.

It’s not that New York State is any less tolerant than the rest of us. it is

They have noticed something that most communities don’t yet know.

We all know that today we are exposed to more noise than any other

Time in history. Modern life can seem like a constant struggle to get through the day.

Life at home fills our ears with barking dogs, air conditioning units, televisions, boom.

Box and kitchen vent-a-hood. We shout when we leave home or office

Can be heard over construction projects, car alarms, traffic and other people’s music.

The list goes on and on. The US Census Bureau reports that there is noise

Americans’ top complaint about their neighborhood and the main reason why

want to move

What New Yorkers have discovered and the rest of us need to know is that it’s noise

Pollution isn’t just annoying; It can be dangerous. A Rochester cop

Officials explain that when explosive music is unchecked in neighborhoods, it

Indicates that respect is not required. “This type of environment is conducive to others,

more serious types of crime,” he says. That’s why police officers and neighbors

Residents have decided to take action against excessive noise in their community. Police

And concerned citizens are walking the streets together knocking on doors

Doors to noisy neighbors and warning them of possible fines and legal action.

Noise is a health issue not only for communities but also for individuals. Research

Dramatic physical effects have been shown from exposure to excessive noise. in

In addition to the ear damage, Dr. Luther Terry, former US Surgeon General

Identifies other negative health effects of noise. A partial list is included

Cardiovascular constriction, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, more

Exertional respiration, measurable changes in skin resistance and skeletal-muscle

Stress, digestive system changes, chemically changing glandular activity

Blood and urine content, vestibular effects, balance sense effects and changes

Brain chemistry. It bears repeating that this is only a partial list. Terry details

The negative impact of noise on fetal development, as well.

The Surgeon General listens to the voices of many health professionals. Researcher

It has been found that after extended exposure to high noise levels such as airplane runways or

Noise at work increases blood pressure by 30%. negative amplification

The effect is that blood pressure remains significantly at that elevated level

Duration after exposure ends. So if you are close enough to the landing plane

Your blood pressure rises, and it persists and affects your body long after the flight

The voice is gone.

You don’t have to live near an airport to be affected by traffic. Even the voice that we

Medium can think it has influence. A German study found that those who lived on

Busy streets were 20% more likely to have a heart attack than quiet ones


Studies have also linked learning problems to noise. It affects the abilities of children

Learning to speak, read and acquire knowledge in schools. These are the results

Documented near airports, railway tracks and major roads. Inability to do

Listen and understand what the teacher is saying and that can translate into poor grades and

Dropout rates in schools may also increase.

Moreover, noise pollution affects the behavior of children and adults.

One study looked at how bystanders responded to a needy person in attendance

As a noisy lawn mower roars nearby, a woman breaks down

Dropped some books and tried to pick them up. No one stopped to help her. when

The lawnmower was turned off and the scene repeated, many people stopped

Help her get her books back.

With all that being said, it’s no wonder Americans have more problems

Sleep, focus and coping with stress in our noise-polluted environment.

Fortunately, there is more to noise than the negative effects of noise. On the contrary

Sound is music. The ability of music to improve and promote health and harmony

They are as powerful as the ability of sound to destroy them. So powerful, in fact, that one is

The entire field is called music therapy.

The full benefits of music therapy are still being studied, but we know a lot

Already, for example, mental health studies have shown that music is therapeutic

Effective in promoting and treating relaxation, relieving anxiety and stress

Depression music therapy allows people with emotional problems to find out

Positive changes in emotions, moods, practice problem solving and solutions

It has been used successfully by mental health organizations during conflict groups

therapy sessions.

The healing effects of music therapy are not limited to mental health. They have

It has been observed in burns, heart disease, diabetes and hospitalized patients

As an adjunct to cancer rehabilitation care, music therapy appears to be gaining traction

Communication and physical coordination skills, as it improves physical and

Mental functioning of those with neurological or developmental disabilities

People with disabilities who have learning, speaking and hearing problems can also find music

Therapy helpful.

Music therapy reduces the need for medications and supplements during childbirth

Use of anesthesia during surgery and dental work, especially when children

Performing medical and surgical procedures. It is useful in premature newborn care

In addition to these acute conditions in children, music therapy can help relieve chronic pain.

Music therapy can also improve the quality of life of sick patients and

Enhancing the well-being of the elderly, including those with Alzheimer’s

Diseases and other forms of dementia. It has been used as a treatment supplement

AIDS, stroke, Parkinson’s and cancer. Music therapy is also used

Support of families and caregivers of such patients.

Most of the reviews published on this topic have been published in the US

Music Therapy Association. The wide application of this tool warrants more formalism

Reviews We still don’t know how many conditions music can help

Treatment. However, the changes are such that you can improve your mental and physical health

with music therapy.

If you consult a music therapist for a specific condition, the therapist will speak first

You about your symptoms and needs. In addition, the therapist will evaluate you

Emotional well-being, physical health, social functioning, communication skills

and cognitive skills. Using this information, your therapist will create an appropriate design

A treatment plan that may include playing and listening to music,

Analyzing lyrics, creating songs, improvising and/or using rhythmic movements.

During your regular session, the therapist may participate in these activities

Guide you or just you. You may also be encouraged to talk about or about the images

Emotions created by music. You and your therapist will choose the music

Used for your therapy according to your needs and preferences. You can choose any type

Music ranging from classical or new age to jazz or rock. You don’t need the former

Music experience or any musical ability to benefit from music therapy.

Some music therapy is conducted in a group setting. You can play music with it

Others who have the same situation as you or you can just communicate and relax

Others as music plays in the background. If you are in hospital for surgery or

Give birth, your music therapy can have you listening to your favorite songs

Helps to relax and reduce pain.

As you may have guessed by now, professionals are not always present

Music therapy is essential, although you may need help getting started. Western

Music has begun to be used as medicine, although it has been used for a long time

Successfully in Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. To encourage you to create

Your own music therapy sessions, I’ll walk you through the basics of my own brand

Music therapy. Take what you like and leave the rest.

When I practice music therapy, especially for relaxation, that’s the first thing I look for

A quiet environment, where I will not be disturbed or interrupted. Next, I light up

Incense or a scented candle, as I find that aromatherapy helps to calm my body.

Next, I choose music, which gets easier the more you learn

The body’s response to different types of music. I then sit straight on the floor

position with my legs crossed. I take a deep breath, inhale and exhale very slowly

through my nose

As the music plays, I listen intently as if the instrumentalist is right

There in the room playing with me. Often I put myself directly in front

speaker, so I can feel the vibrations as well as hear the music being played. some

People use headphones. It’s fine, but I recommend you get the sound

In your body, and not just in your head.

Imagine the sound waves coming from the speaker and going through you. No

Just put yourself in a physical position to capture the sound energy in your body.

But you must also focus your mind. Focus on where you want to heal

Vibrations to go. Listen as you imagine the sound waves moving through you

Replenishing the body and your cells, tissues and internal organs.

As you practice music therapy you will develop a method that works best for you.

Your body adapts to certain instruments, wood, and

You can design the sessions in the order you find most beneficial, musical style


Ideally, you should practice music therapy for at least 30 minutes to an hour each day.

Even a 20-minute daily session will yield positive results. This may take 10

minutes to calm your mind, so I recommend 30-40 minute sessions.

Those are the basics. As you can gather from all of the above, music can be therapy

As involved or as simple as the situation warrants. The main thing is just to get

started In this world of noise pollution, it can be good to practice music therapy

Way to start your own peaceful revolution!


American Academy of Audiology (Consumer Guide)

World Council on Hearing Health (in news)

Friends Against Noisy New York (2005 newsletter)

National Campaign for Hearing Health

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