Elena Decided To Become A Dancer When She Was 101 Tips to Parenting

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101 Tips to Parenting

A couple who thinks that raising a child is a bed of roses should think twice. From birth until the child “leaves the nest,” parents have primary responsibility for raising and nurturing that individual. Given this huge duty, parents need all the help they can get to reach the finish line. Here are some tips from parents who share the same responsibility:

Early months of infancy

  1. Never avoid help offered by friends or relatives; More so by in-laws who are not there to interfere but only to provide much-needed help.
  2. Always look the baby in the eye while nursing (no matter if you breastfeed or bottle feed); By doing this you are establishing a lifelong bond.
  3. Learn to play with your child and cherish every moment because they are fleeting.
  4. Create a video or journal account of his first smile, his first tooth, his first step, etc. Keep memories that will last a lifetime.
  5. Talk to your child even if all you need is an innocent stare.
  6. A child is a gift from God, so nurture and nurture it with everything you have.

Not so terrible after the terrible twos

  1. Discipline your child with love. Spanking is the very opposite of love – it creates fear, so never apply it in your home.
  2. Be generous with your hugs and kisses. These gestures mean only one thing – you love your child more than anything in the whole world!
  3. Listen to your child, even if what you’re hearing is nonsense.
  4. Be generous in praising your child; He likes to act or do all the work because he wants to please you.
  5. You are your child’s stronghold. Remember that he feels safest when he is in your arms.
  6. Never ignore a crying child (unless it hurts); It may be his way of expressing pain or frustration.
  7. Remember that biblical verse where the author says to “train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he should not turn from it”? Follow it.
  8. Never force your child to act like “Little Sarah” or be strong like “Little Bill”; Never compare.
  9. Be willing to let go of your “normal” life and start living your universe with your child.
  10. Always answer every innocent question of the child.

Those precious school years

  1. Always be present during your child’s school events; This will drastically reduce the abuse of minors in the future.
  2. Sit in on every assignment your child asks for help with.
  3. Laugh…and laugh out loud with your child. What is the best medicine to remember?
  4. Go and find adventure. Your child will remember that canoeing event more than you buying him something at the mall.
  5. Teach your child spirituality and let him grow up. He will definitely pass this on to his descendants.
  6. Support your child in his artistic or sporting tendencies.
  7. Be sure to put your arm around him when he is vaccinated or when he fails to win the school competition.
  8. Be a proud mommy or daddy even if he ranks last in his class.
  9. Read bedtime stories to stimulate his mind and imagination.
  10. Be willing to forgive because your child is bent on testing your patience!
  11. Remember that children are the biggest imitators so watch your words and actions.
  12. Never train your child to be a couch potato; TV stabilizes a child’s mind as much as his body.
  13. Living with a child is exaggeration – shouting to the whole world what a great artist he is and will grow into it.
  14. Keep your gauge low and your expectations high; Kids will definitely make mistakes but that doesn’t mean they won’t learn from them.
  15. Release the child in you sometime; Don’t be afraid to play in the dirt and shower in the rain.
  16. Encourage your little one to dream and dream big! His imagination will surely take him to heights that you never thought possible.
  17. Never ignore a child when he is asking a silly question – always remember to give him your undivided attention.
  18. Even if you think your child is already asleep, don’t forget to give him a goodnight kiss on the cheek.
  19. A child’s love is unconditional so it is best to return it with equal enthusiasm.
  20. Children can teach you more about life so be ready to pay attention.
  21. Let the child remember that there will be times when you may not agree with some of his behavior but you will love him Always.
  22. Your child is not your property, so never try to control them.
  23. A child who has never learned to obey his parents at home will never listen to any authority outside the home.

Those dangerous years are called puberty

  1. Every parent will survive their child’s teenage years, the question is will this particular youth survive these years? Be there for your child every step of the way.
  2. Recognize that puberty can be the first step to your child’s ultimate independence. Don’t fear being separated from your “little John” because he’s not so little anymore.
  3. Trust that you have instilled good morals in your child, so learn to trust your teen’s judgment.
  4. Make room for improvement – you no longer have to decide everything. Your teenager has a mind of his own, believe it or not.
  5. Sex education should be heard not only from school teachers but also from mothers and fathers. Sexual orientation and attraction are a normal part of your life so they are automatically a part of your teen’s life.
  6. Don’t stop being parents as well as friends; Any teenager will appreciate a “cool mom”.
  7. Get to know things that are “in” or “hip” with your teen so you don’t get left out.
  8. To prevent teen depression, the rule is simple – just be there for your child.
  9. Know when and when No FIRWA Teenagers sometimes appreciate privacy.
  10. If your teen is on a new diet or exercise regimen, don’t just tell him the benefits of this new regimen, get him involved!
  11. Try something New look With your teen. As long as the scene isn’t prohibitive, go for it!
  12. Tell your teen that everything will go away, and so will the acne.
  13. Teenage life means tempers and drama—be prepared for them. Just be a polite and unobtrusive director behind the scenes.
  14. Go out as a family. To eliminate the dangers of feeling aloneMake your teen feel like you’ll always be there for him—in good times, bad times.
  15. It doesn’t matter if you are an early or late bloomer; or stable or fast developers. At the end of the road, we are all just human in this race called life.
  16. Treat your teenager like an adult, otherwise he starts crying and acting like a baby.
  17. When your child starts asking questions with relevant answers, you will know that he has grown up.
  18. Be prepared to hate your child sometime – that is normal.

The Teenage Drama Queen

  1. Not a late bloomer wallflower.
  2. Bees always come to flowers so tell your sweet teenage girl that she can wait and as the saying goes-Good things come to those who wait.
  3. Paint your nails together and go to a parlour, spa or even the mall. Relaxing together is also a great way to bond.
  4. Talk About Boys – After all, what do girls want to talk about?
  5. A father should spend some time with his teenage daughter. Spending the night with dad is a great way to stay close to an older man.
  6. Let her dance, speak her mind and wear tights – she’s a teenager not a nun!

Your impatient young man

  1. A boys’ night out should not only be for dad’s close friends but also for his teenage son.
  2. Never embarrass your teen in front of his favorite girl.
  3. Prepare yourself for making mistakes and many other things (you, too, did when you were young). Be there to catch him when he falls.
  4. Educate yourself on the latest bands, gadgets, and games—he’ll appreciate it.
  5. Talk to your teen about sex and the responsibilities involved in such an intimate act.

Parenting in general

  1. A truly great parent loves all children and everything about children. After all, parents are the heavenly caretakers of God’s children on earth.
  2. As long as your children’s minds and hearts are tender, do your best to teach them the values ​​they will need as they grow up. Remember, it’s hard to teach old dogs new tricks!
  3. Making children happy does not harm them. A happy, happy home breeds kind and confident individuals. Don’t be afraid to bank on happiness; Spoiling means giving too much of anything and there can never be too much when it comes to happiness.
  4. The best way to give your child advice, even when unexpected, is to find out what he wants and then gently encourage him to do it.
  5. Talk less, listen more – this old advice still rings true for today’s parents.
  6. Set an example and tone down your preaching—remember that children are visual creatures.
  7. Your gifts will never compensate for your presence.
  8. Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability; Get down on your knees and humbly pray to God for everything your family needs.
  9. Maternal care in the animal world is all nurturing and let go offspring of the world. Maternal care is everything in humans More Being able to welcome the child home if they need to.
  10. A child’s life is a new canvas that parents can paint with confidence that it will turn out to be a masterpiece.
  11. Every child is a future father, mother or leader so be careful what you instill in these young minds. The future of the world is in your hands.
  12. Make a lasting impression on your child’s life to become What the Creator made him.
  13. Your child will inevitably become who you are now so that you can be the best you can be.
  14. Your child is not perfect; Instead try to work out your relationship with this guy.
  15. Remember that a child doesn’t just want to hear that you love him; He is more desperate feel That you love him.
  16. Let your child see you do random acts of kindness, he will surely follow suit.
  17. Success in your chosen career will never compensate for your failure at home.
  18. If you are rich, share your wealth with others; If you have little, give heartily.
  19. Body language is more important than any verbal statement; So act accordingly.
  20. Remember when it was said that one person at a time can change the world? Well, you can start right now with your own child.
  21. Never be ashamed to say sorry to your child; Good relationships are based on mutual respect.
  22. Quality time spent with your children is one of the hundred gifts.
  23. If your child speaks fondly of you and looks up to you well into adulthood, you can say you’ve done a successful job at parenting.
  24. Stop theorizing and start acting; Stop trying to be the perfect parent because there isn’t one.
  25. Communication is a two-way process, the simple rule is – one speaks and the other listens.
  26. Never be afraid to pat your child on the back; You never know when he needs it the most.
  27. As a parent, don’t be too hard on yourself. You can only mold a child’s path but his future is still in his own hands.
  28. Your love as a parent should be the greatest and most unconditional love your child receives in his life. Your legacy to your family is more important than your achievements in society.
  29. As the Bible says: Respect your father and mother– This is a command, not a proposal.
  30. A parent’s love is patient and everlasting; When the world turns its back on a child, parents are there to catch them.
  31. Of course, you can’t choose your parents, so you might as well live with what you have and make the best of it!
  32. Being a parent is on call 24/7; You are a nurse, teacher, friend and policeman all at once!
  33. Parents are the best teachers for their children. Even the biggest education system can never surpass this.

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