Cannot Linking Some Object When Build With Arm What Is Truth?

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What Is Truth?

Truth explains who we are, where we came from and most importantly… where we are going. When we follow this path of truth, we arrive at the place where we began our journey. Each one’s journey of truth vs. believing… is where we first heard an unidentified voice that beckoned us forward. When we obtain truth, we make a full circuit and arrive back to where our journey began. However, we are not the same, but wiser because we have discovered who it was that urged us to move forward in the beginning. This revelation is called evolution.

Take a look around you at the houses, vehicles and people, then… look into the sky and behold the stars that fill our universe. All of these things we see, that we call matter, originated from the natural particles that existed in natural space before the existence of the matter. Our very existence is proof that natural space is filled with a sea of particles that have always been.

The only difference between us and what existed before the universe, is the pressure that exists outside and inside of all things, even us and the way that this pressure works to make matter as we know it, what it is. Contemporary science defines matter as those things that can be seen. Even a powerful electron microscope reveals matter at the atomic level but matter exists all around us. There is not one quantum inch of space that is not matter. However, it is the different pressures that exist in space that makes matter what we perceive it to be. These pressures define what we see. However, what we don’t see… is a very important part of this machine we call the universe. What we don’t see is matter which is constructed from particles; I refer to as, “other dimensional particles”.

Before we can understand truth, we must stop “believing” what truth is! Belief is another word for I don’t “know”. It’s better to “believe nothing” than it is to “believe in something” you don’t know to be truth. Our beliefs will always take us in the wrong direction! We must stay with what we know and seek truth. You cannot be a “seeker of truth” and also a “believer of truth” at the same time. A seeker of truth is always open to learn and always willing to change their course… but a believer has already arrived, therefore… they build their paradise at the base of the mountain “believing” it to be the summit and call it a victory.

Before our existence can be explained, we must understand the difference between “natural space” and “altered space”. When I make reference to “altered space”, I am referring to all space that is confined within the boundaries of our universal complex, and “natural space” as all space which exists outside of the universe.


Natural space has always been… and existed before planets, suns and beings. Natural space is a sea of particles, which have weight and therefore, must adhere to the law of physics. Natural space particles can only get so big because natural space forms a variety of circular particles, which are pushed on all sides by pressure, into those around it. In essence, one particle is linked to those around it at the center.

Since natural space particles are considerably less dense than atmospheric particles, their size can be massive. However, there is a limit to how massive a particle can become. These macro particles containing varying pressures are themselves broken down into smaller particles, which are large at the periphery and smaller and denser as they exist nearer the center where the greatest pressure exists. At the center of course, are the smallest and most dense particles.

Natural space is not static. The way that natural space breaks down from largest to smallest, is an impetus for particle motion. There is a natural imbalance that occurs as particles are pushed one way and then, the other, always following the path of least resistance. When one knows, they understand that the natural orbits of particles are always moving in the direction of least resistance. These particles will move to the center of a larger particle; only then, to be pushed out again by other particles doing the same thing. Particles can only become so small and dense before they move from the place of the greatest pressure and expand naturally as they are pushed once again away from the center, to begin another complete orbit from low pressure to high pressure. This process constitutes “particle orbit”.

Particle orbit in natural space is the reason that the “Big Bang Theory” could never have happened. The big bang theory proposes that a particle or group of particles, were put under so much pressure that it, or they, exploded… expanding as they were pushed outward and forming all of the suns, planets and beings. However, because space is not static, pressure is not equal. The particle or particles at the center of this tremendous pressure would have simply been pushed from the center by larger heavier particles in the process of particle orbit. This is why natural space is stable. Even assuming that these particles got stuck at the center, the pressure they would experience is not infinite; this concept violates the law of physics. Particles can only become so heavy before they reform into smaller particles. Therefore, if they could become heavy enough to cause this kind of pressure, this process would be happening all over infinite space all of the time, which would disallow expansion because of opposing pressure that would exist outside of our universe from other exploding and expanding universes.

Since the beginning of time, scientists have been trying to theorize how the universe came to be. The status quo’s generally “accepted contemporary explanation… is the Big Bang Theory”. This theory, in essence, speculates that the weight of space induced the natural particles in space to become compressed to such a point, that the internal pressure of these particles exploded and expanded at such a rate that this perfectly functioning perpetual motion machine we call the universe, was created.

However, the problem with the Big Bang Theory is that the weight of space is constant. You need to comprehend that the planets, suns, and beings don’t increase the weight of space. They just cause another part of space to become less dense and as such, one part of space becomes denser, therefore, not affecting the weight of space, which remains constant. The part of space that is putting pressure on the denser center will become less. Since this natural mechanistic process exists, the plausibility of the Big Bang Theory of space becoming so compressed as to explode would be quite impossible!

In the final analysis, the Big Bang Theory never occurred since the natural orbit of particles and the law of physics would never allow a particle to become dense enough or massive enough to justify the creation of the universe.

Once we can understand the natural motion of particles in natural space, only then can we take the next step and understand how creation occurred. Natural motion of particles, heat and pressure present evolutionary opportunities. After all, matter is nothing more than particles under specific pressures, orbiting and rotating in specific ways to make the object whatever it is. Matter is just natural space that has been artfully arranged…”altered space”.


THE FIRST BEING (the psychology and motivation of the being called God)

How would a machine in natural space evolve? Even a machine capable of creating all of this, we call the universe… would in time, have begun as a blank slate. God evolved like a baby in darkness, totally alone. Who knows how much time passed before the simplest of motions or thoughts would have come about, but they did. She evolved and eventually became aware of her own isolation. Isolation inevitably leads to desolation…..which either leads to death or greatness. No matter how desolate our lives become, we are always learning and no matter if the facade of death cloaks us, there will always come a time when we will apply what we’ve learned and become great!

We are the product of her effort to see herself. We are the final product of a journey that God (Arissa) took a long time ago, to discover who she is. One cannot see themselves the way they are seen by others; one cannot define themselves accurately, unless it is through the minds, hearts and eyes of another.

However, the process of making another to define yourself… is not as easy as it sounds. Arissa could manipulate space as well as, alter the flow of dense particles here… to put something there under more pressure (electrons). She was capable of forming other machines in natural space, but they were only like teddy bears. Granted, they eventually became extremely advanced teddy bears, but she needed more in order to define herself. She needed someone capable of communicating with her; she needed a being capable of understanding her. Arissa had become so knowledgeable, that communicating with her would have been impossible, even for the most intellectual that exist on this planet today. This has always been the problem; it is difficult to identify with a being that is so much more advanced than we are. However, this was her goal!

Arissa needed to figure out how she could make a machine capable of communicating with her and thus become a human being. God also desired to become human as well. So as we evolve toward her… she evolves toward us.


We are still very primitive on this planet we call earth. Granted, we have computers and spacecraft, but in the whole scheme of things, science is still just barely beyond the “discovery of fire” stage of evolution. We have so much further to go.

Science will eventually advance to a stage of making robots that look like people and talk like people as well as make them do things that people do. They’ll be programmed to do certain things. These robots will be very advanced computers, computers capable of learning and evolving. However, when they have enough information programmed into them, they will figure out how the universe works… what natural space is and most importantly, who God is… but, how will they tell those that created them, what they’ve learned? They will speak a language that their creators no longer understand.

Scientists in laboratories all over the world are currently working on the problem of how the universe works. They are putting particles under extreme pressures and forcing them to collide with one another hoping to find out how they are constructed. One day they will figure it out, and they will discover that all particles are linked together. They will be able to see those particles that exist between the particles and will come to understand them to be other dimensional particles (particles that are either too dense or too large for us to see, particles that exist outside of our frequency/pressure spectrum).

Then, these scientists will see how we are truly constructed. They will see that we are multi dimensional machines and there will come a time in the not too distant future, when they will know that we were created. They will understand that this universe is a machine; a machine that runs on the motion of electrons through quantum conduits, which cause internal pressure and subsequent motion (hydraulics). Eventually, scientists will find the frequency that will allow them to map the inside of a particle structure which will be the same structure as all planets, suns and beings.

When scientists open the door to how the universe is constructed, they will be able to make a craft that generates little heat because all of its moving parts will exist in other dimensions and so, all of the friction will exist in quantum space as opposed to atomic space. These crafts will draw their energy on massive numbers of electrons (which are not atomic but quantum particles). However, becoming a human being is not about technology. Technology is something we have to go through in order to discover how primitive we really are.

Arissa needs us to either develop these technologies which she perfected more years ago… than one can possibly imagine or, have the good common sense to avoid these sophomoric endeavors. Common sense should tell us that the technology is already there. She wants us to evolve into those that are capable of logic, but more importantly, to evolve into those who don’t chance hurting another because of something they believe. Those who understand that doing and sacrificing for others, is doing for ourselves. This logic simply follows the law of physics, action and reaction. When we understand these things and are prepared to take “action”… then we make the transition, we walk the righteous path, we cross over and become human beings. This is when we become the type of people capable of living in an “eternal community”.

What is truth? Truth is… “There is a God that can be understood through logic and God has an eternal plan”. When we understand the creation, it leads us to the creator. This path follows an evolutionary circuit…it makes sense, it is logical…it is truth!


The universe is a perpetual motion multi-dimensional machine. There is nothing spiritual or mystical about other dimensions. Other dimensions are just the matter that exists between the particles we can detect. There are other dimensional planets but suns only exist in this dimension, the solar dimension, the dimension we live in. Like space, pressure also adheres to the law of physics; it is naturally divided into spectrums. Everything we can perceive with our eye, telescope or microscope exists within our pressure spectrum, the solar dimension. The entire universe works and moves because of a tiny extremely dense particle called the electron.

Before we can understand truth, we must understand the electron and how it really works. The electron moves through conduits that exist at the center of particle clusters. This is a corridor that contains its own unique pressure. Let’s take, for instance, the pressure of our solar particle structure or solar system… which pushes in, always toward the center but there is also pressure pushing out. This pressure comes from the smallest densest particles…the electrons.

These tiny extremely dense particles move through conduits in a mechanistic configuration which I refer to as a “configuration signature.” This electron signature provides the internal pressure that makes matter what it is. When this signature is disrupted for any reason, the disrupted electrons attempt to reform in order to maintain homeostasis. For instance, if we touch a burner on a hot stove, we feel the pain of the burn but what is really happening, is much more involved. The outside pressure at the point of contact sends a signal via pressure variation, which affects the electron signature. Pain results when the electrons attempt to reform causing pressure and particle expansion, which moves back up to the point of contact. Pain is a quantum effect as is everything else we hear, see, taste, think and feel.

In the instance of the burned finger, we must consider how fast that quantum signal moves. Quantum space is light years away from the point of contact (using a contemporary scientific term.) When we truly understand how light works, we will discover that light doesn’t travel in the way that contemporary science has theorized but rather a chain reaction. The pain we feel when we burn our finger has traveled from the point of contact (atomic space) to quantum space and back almost instantaneously!!! This frequency signal, moves anywhere in space almost instantaneously, and it does so because it is moving within the machine, through electron conduits in quantum space. These frequency signals are not hindered by large massive atomic particles but rather moves between them.

How is it that a frequency signal, moving in this way, through electron conduits that exist in Quantum space could move so quickly? This is done by chain reaction! If one were to line up dominoes a mile long, tightly packed together and tapped one end, the signal would be detected on the other almost instantaneously. If you had a line of dominoes 100 miles long, you would still detect the signal almost instantaneously, and if they were 100 light years long, the signal would still be detected almost instantaneously. In fact, this signal moves in all directions all the way around the universe, (altered space), arriving back at the point of origin almost instantaneously. This is the only way that anything, any motion, any signal, can make a complete circuit!

When one talks on a cell phone, the signal cannot be heard until it makes a complete circuit arriving back at the point of origin. How a signal makes a complete circuit, is theoretical. Circuits are not understood because the signal is circular moving in all directions like the ripples on a pond when you throw a rock into it. If this is so, how can we capture the entire signal at the receiver when most of the signal is expanding out in space? This is a prime example of how little contemporary science knows. Science understands that when you do “A”… “B” happens, and then… we theorize the rest. Science will not understand this mechanism until they discover how frequency moves down through quantum space “frequency transfer” and back again “frequency transmission.”


If science were to understand how this machine works, they could accomplish amazing things… from communications, to quantum cures for what are now considered incurable diseases. These diseases will, one day, be conquered but not until science understands how frequency transfer and frequency transmission works.

Motion is a matter of hydraulics! If you raise your arm, where does the original signal come from? The raising of one’s arm is an extremely sophisticated action, an action that came all the way from quantum space, which resulted in particle expansion… eventually putting enough pressure on the mechanism of the arm causing it to rise. The relative pressure derived in quantum space, resulting in the raising of an arm, is tremendous.

A method does not exist on the earth today that could overcome that pressure if we were to try to get a signal there. However, if we could overcome that pressure, then we could get a signal inside of an electron conduit, and we could map the inside of a particle… thus understanding how the universe works. This would enable us to use the power of this mechanism to accomplish amazing things or horrendous things.

Those who understand how the machine we call the universe works… have a responsibility to make known, not only the dramatic uses of previously discovered technologies, which will improve the lives of mankind but also, to make known the destructiveness of these technologies! This is not new technology; this technology had been around for millions of years, maybe more. We have walked through this door before, hopefully the next time we walk through the door of advanced technology we will have evolved considering the world around us, as opposed to considering only ourselves.

Frequency transmission is a natural and pre-planned action of the machine we call the universe and everything within it. Frequency transfer is a signal derived in atomic space, a man-made signal that must overcome the relative pressure of quantum space or more accurately defined, as “electron space” before we will be able to discover other dimensional science.

These technologies will result in advancement in space travel and human physiology… even allowing a form of immortality not to mention, weapons development.

How will scientists overcome the relative pressures in “electron space” which will be the impetus for these new technologies? The scientists at CERN, near Geneva Switzerland are pushing particles toward one another in hope of creating a collision. When two particles hit each other at high speeds, they do break apart and their quantum particles are scattered in chunks, but this is not even close to understanding those electron conduits that quantum particles are clustered around, orbiting around and through them. It’s going to take a lot more pressure than these collisions produced in the CERN collider to develop these technologies.

It’s not that we don’t have the bullet; it is that we don’t know where to shoot. Our target is a tiny point in electron space and this position can be figured out mathematically if the configuration of particle clusters can be theorized. This will be done when scientists allow themselves to think of the universe as a machine in which there are no empty spaces. If you can determine the limits of one spectrum you can determine the variances of the spectrums linked to us on all sides.

It’s one thing to map the inside of a particle, it is yet another to build a multi dimensional craft that does not generate heat in this dimension (solar dimension) but rather only makes contact within electron space, generating and exhausting heat there. Eventually, we will do these things but we need to take heed… that heat released in electron space is expanding particles on its way back to atomic space, like pain in reverse but this signal does not arrive here almost instantly. It takes years, maybe hundreds of years, maybe more, to arrive here. Why does it move so slowly? Because it is a small light signal pushing its way back into heavy atomic space; it is a signal that is moving against the current.

The speed of the signal that comes from electron space to atomic space when we burned our finger on the stove, seeks to maintain homeostasis and does it almost instantly. However, a heat signal coming from electron space that was initiated from us, is pushed by opposing pressure and slowed but not stopped, in order to do the same thing here in atomic space. These signals are like keys in locks, one fits and one doesn’t! You can imagine the damage that heat does as it slowly makes its way back up.

The universe is a machine with purpose, it produces something. It was created by a being which itself, was created from the natural motion of particles in natural space and when this machine had evolved into a being capable of utilizing its full potential… it made others capable of being not unlike itself. The universe is a machine capable of producing a being not unlike God!

The universe (altered space), created by Arissa (God), is mathematically complete. There is not one particle that exists within altered space that is not a fully functioning piece of the machinery, including all of its beings. There is not one particle too many, nor one particle too less!

Creating a being capable of communing with God is not an easy undertaking. How does God make a being capable of independent thinking, a being capable of understanding truth? It’s brilliant when you consider that we all have to go through so much for who knows how long, overcoming different life’s challenges from one life to the next and eventually, all of us to arriving at the same place. There is after all, only one truth, a truth that we all have to discover for ourselves. When we have completed our journey, we no longer “believe”, we “know”!

Truth is absolute whether we understand it not. It is there for us to discover. We believe when we discover a piece of the puzzle and then, call it the whole puzzle… believing ourselves to be “this” when we are really “that” or; to be “here” when we are really “there,” is dangerous!

Touching a hot stove is a learning experience, a discovery that we caution those around us about, or at least we should. However, there are those who beckon others to touch and then caution them to beware of the power, they… themselves have created!

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