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How It All Started!

Hello girls!

I’m not saying ‘hello guys’ because I think this is a story for many girls and you can’t think in our shoes until you wear them, but if you want to continue reading, welcome visitors. .

Hello Girls and Boys!

I’m a 27 year old girl working in the IT Industry at a good position, ummm, one shouldn’t claim too much, so I’m fine. I have a bike, I live in a one BHK rented house which I have decorated a lot with all the girls with pink and green (all my favorite colors).

I have many friends and four best friends, every weekend we have a blast, sometimes this blast includes disc, boozing, dancing, sometimes it includes cooking the best dishes that one can try at my place or my friend’s place, sometimes they put. An open grill on my balcony and at the same time drinking cold drinks and smelling alcohol (I don’t allow alcohol in my house because it leaves a bad smell behind… so yuckk) sometimes driving our bikes without knowing what is ours. destination, in short there are many sometimes and only once and that is shoopppppinggg! But the sad thing about this is that it usually lasts for only two weeks after our salary is calculated.

To summarize my life, it was very nice when one fine day my friend Silvia said:

“I’m getting married”

“Whtttt… you have to be kidding”

“Nooo, I’m not, does my face look like I’m playing, there’s a smile everywhere you can see” he sounded like a wild cat.

“How, why, when, where…” I was very confused.

“There is a boy, he is an NRI, my family knows his family well, he is going to the US next month then, his parents want him to get married before he leaves, now I am the one who chooses him.. bingo, I am the luckiest girl in a thousand years”

I was so confused that I couldn’t figure out her bingo and the best millennial girl meant “Shoot, I’m confused” or she was feeling lucky. So it took me seconds to figure it out and you shouldn’t either!

“But he is leaving next month, how are you going to marry him after one month”

“Yeah, this is what you think and I’m not thinking” he growled at me like a tiger.

“Okay, sit down darling, what do your parents think”

“He would be crazy if he could marry me tomorrow”

Now tell me, when a girl talks like this, please don’t forget that she was carrying a tire full of tea, which we call here in Bangalore full cup tea, she didn’t even drink a bit. on.

“Hmm..” I couldn’t hmm for a long time, I had to say something, he was waiting for my input, but I had to think and speak after he had a full cup of tea in his hand. Where are my friends…

Say something, say anything, think something, you have such a big head you can’t think of a wise word except hmm.

“Hmmmm..” I said again, this trip was long.

Dear friends, don’t laugh, it’s a natural phenomenon, when there are problems, the brain stops working.

“What are you doing? This is a decision of my life that I cannot take in a few minutes or a few hours, I knew that person.”

“Yeah… why don’t you talk to that guy once, you’ll get to know him”

“Oh please, even a sexist likes you when you first talk to him”

“I’m sure, he won’t be sexist, your parents know him”

“I’m not saying he’s sexist, OMG, what if he is?” he was afraid.

“You want me to bring you a soda or something, since it’s so hot, I think tea is a good idea at this point” I said swallowing my saliva.

“Yes please, thank you so much” he said throwing a cup full of tea into the dustbin without getting up.

“Relax, baby… I am sure, he would be a very nice guy. After all he is gonna be your husband” I said with a big and happy smile on my face.

“You think so?” He said with sad eyes.

“Oh baby, of course…talk to him once”

“Hey one sec, if he is going to the US next month then what about you” I said again but I don’t know why I said this, for the first time in the evening he calmed down and left… lighting the fire again…

“Yes…exactly…and you know his parents have an answer for this too. You want to know what it is, the answer is for me to take a transfer from here to Chandigarh and stay with his parents while they are in the US. I will be applying for a visa. reliable and if it is approved I have to quit my job and go live with him, cook for him, sweep and sleep with him. I will not have a work permit, which means I will be unemployed, unemployed…” he went crazy.

“Relax…sit down, everything will be fine…calm down”

“Your parents must have thought of all this, why don’t you talk to them first” I said again.

“They want me to get married… I felt sad.

“Come honey, let’s go to my room”

We were about to leave when two of my friends came in, their timing was as good as the Bollywood movie cops, after the show was over.

“Hey… what happened, why are you crying” said Joe.

“It’s a long story, let’s go to my flat and talk about it” I said.

We drove to my apartment which is on the fourth floor and the elevator was being repaired so, Silvia had stopped crying on the way from the ground floor to the fourth floor and the stairs.

When I opened my house, two of my friends who were very bad, rushed to get the bean bags that were very well developed and left two, one was good to stay and the other was a bean bag that I got for free when I went. he bought three more big ones.

I, being generous and self-invited that evening gave Silvia to sit on the big one and sit on the lil one and change me.

“So, what’s the big deal?” said Addi, another friend of mine.

“Did someone else steal his jeans from the yard where he was hanging them out to dry after washing” laughed Joe.

“Guys, this is serious, Sil is getting married,” I said

“Whatt…” they both spoke together.

I explained the whole story and at first he was like ‘Hawww’ then ‘hmmm’ then, nothing after answering twice he just shook his head.

“I have an idea, Sil why don’t you call that guy right now” Joe burst out.

“Aaaa…don’t his parents know this before they call him” Addi said worriedly.

“Alright Sil, go ahead, tell your parents you’re calling now because you need to know the guy you’re marrying” Joe said as if he’d called Sil’s parents if not.

“Don’t think that he should wait for the boy to call him first, he won’t look upset if he calls him first” said Addi.

“Baby only has thirty days left, if you take him out today, he only has twenty nine days left, so you think he has time to waste thinking about who has a problem with who” I was very angry. .

“I will call him now, where is my phone, give me my phone” Silvia was scared.

“Easy cat, easy… call your parents first and then call him. Talk to him and please don’t be scared” I said, I was worried, because he was very mad.

He took his phone and went to the court.

At this point we decided to cook some chili chicken for dinner but for now we settled for tea and snacks.

The three of us started chatting, first with planned weddings, then we complained about our supervisors, we slowly moved on to different technologies, recent openings, hikes and daily activities, when our drama queen came from the slopes after about an hour. two, yes two. hours!

He came back with a huge smile on his face and yes, his behavior was definitely embarrassing.

“Hey hey, what happened, you look so happy” I said.

“Girls, he’s also beautiful and understanding. I loved him. He listened to my wishes; he even said he’d get me a work permit so I could get a job there too.”

“Hon, aren’t you sexist?” I said with a sly smile on my face.

“Oh, shut up, she’s too cute not to be”

And that, ladies and gentlemen was a good time when we lost our friend!

He loved to be with us with his phone ringing constantly, without needing to explain who called him.

In another twenty-five days we were going to one of our best friends’ weddings. Believe me the last twenty five days were not easy. We have been buying sarees, embellished suits (heavily embellished yes too much, some of them had gold work, some of them you can’t look directly at them, you have to have sunglasses to see them, well, I can’t. deny that some of them were good that made me think of getting married, but for a few seconds and no more than that!)

Oh! I forgot about buying shoes, bags, jewelry (these things are so expensive, that a small velvety vanity box costs her ten grandchildren, ugly, what can we use for seven centimeters of face for ten thousand dollars!) I forget about underwear (shopping was fun).

On March 8, 2014 our friend got married. We were three out of four. Although there is no tradition of Bride’s maid in Punjabi families or in our families, still we were selected as three bridesmaids dressed alike in different colors.

This was the first time I went to a wedding where I didn’t go to eat or just comment on the bride and groom, it was my friend’s wedding. She looked like a princess yes a princess carrying gold!

“Can you believe our Sil is married” I said.

“I still can’t believe that he won’t walk with us all over the city again, he won’t find street tea anymore, go shopping with us, make him rajma chawal again” Joe got angry and did. do we.

We hugged and promised each other, no matter who we marry and where we go we will always meet.

“You know what, Silvia is brave enough to get married soon. I am never gonna marry so fast, I need time” I said.

But girls, there is a very common saying ‘Never say Never’ and the moment I said it, somewhere in the universe there were meteors fighting, with great light, some planets stopped for seconds, they changed their paths and finally my FATE has been done. Yes, my destiny was twisted, twisted like hell!

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